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Minestone is a dynamic company with expertise in various industrial fields. Our team is made up of professionals with the highest expertise, and years of experience that are constantly learning and being trained with the newest developments in technique and technology. Our management is also made up of top executives in their respective fields with a lifetime of experience that ensure all our projects are carried out with the highest quality and guarantee efficiency and effectiveness in all their works.

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Our Vision, Mission, and Values


Here at Minestone, our core value is ensuring our employees, customers, suppliers, and other business partners are satisfied with every proceeding. We believe in making our clients' visions come to life in the most efficient manner, and strive to provide the best products/services at the most reasonable costs. Our team is constantly improving through seminars, training, and courses on all new technologies in the industrial field; therefore, when dealing with Minestone, you can always expect the best and most sustainable products and services. We are true believers in complete transparency with all stakeholders and have a very strict code of morals and ethical culture that all our employees abide by. 

When you choose Minestone, you choose sustainability, efficiency, transparency, and satisfaction! 

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Company Profile 


Minestone started out as a specialized firm in the industrial machinery and equipment field; however, we have since evolved into a dynamic multifunctional company with branches in several industries, and business partners across many different fields globally. 

Minestone's most valuable resource is the team of experts with many years of experience. Our team is made up of exceptional and innovative individuals whose expertise ranges from consultation to implementation in various fields. Please refer to our "Services" page to learn more about our specialized products and services. 

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